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Future Ready Schools


Future Ready Coaches: Student-Centered Initiatives

This webinar will explore ways that Mr. Aviles is challenging the status quo as it relates to what a technology class should be and what technology integration looks like in the classroom. Topics covered will include entrepreneurship, makerspaces, and using video games in the classroom.

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Personalized Learning


Agents of Their Own Success: Self-Advocacy Skills and Self-Determination for Students with Disabilities in the Era of Personalized Learning

During the briefing, a group of distinguished panelists will offer actions that students, parents, community members, educators, and policymakers can take to ensure self-advocacy and self-determination are integrated into personalized learning systems.

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Recent Webinars & Events

Graduation Effect


The Graduation Effect: High School Graduation Rates and Their Effect on the American Economy

During this webinar, the Alliance for Excellent Education will release new economic data demonstrating how increasing the high school graduation rate to 90 percent will lead to higher earnings for individuals, as well as new job creation and overall economic growth that benefit local communities, states, and the nation. Business, community, and education leaders will see the direct economic impact for their states and metropolitan areas, broken down by various demographic groups.

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Future Ready Schools


Renegade Leadership

In this webinar, Brad and Tom will delve into innovative leadership practices to support student learning. They will share strategies to applying positive deviance in all roles that serve kids. Participants will collect examples of innovative leadership and hear about leadership behaviors that positively disrupt traditional thinking.

Panelists will raise these questions and more:

* What is the number one barrier to innovation in your current role? Why?
* What would schools look like if innovation was held in the same regard as high-stakes test data?
* How can innovation be applied to a school’s budget, beliefs, schedule, professional development, and traditions to more effectively serve learners?

Brad and Tom also will address questions submitted from online viewers.

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Future Ready Schools


Future Ready Librarians: Ensuring Equitable Digital Access

During this webinar, panelists will discuss how this gear impacts their role and that of their school as they provide and advocate for equitable access to connectivity, digital devices, information, resources, programming, and services in support of the district’s strategic vision.

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Future Ready Schools


Future Ready Librarians: Curating Digital Tools and Resources

Future Ready Librarians (FRL) is kicking off its 2018 series of webinars by taking a deep dive into the “curriculum, instruction, and assessment” gear from the Future Ready Schools® (FRS) framework as it relates to the FRL strategy of curating digital tools and resources.

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Science of Adolescent Learning: Using Public-Private Partnerships to Drive Secondary School Improvement

This webinar will explore how traditional public middle and high schools can work with private schools to provide innovative professional development opportunities for teachers and leaders, supporting continuous improvement. All4Ed will highlight partnership experiences of Margaret Lee, supervisor of advanced academics for Frederick County Public Schools, and John Yore, principal of Meade High School in Anne Arundel County Public Schools, with Glenn Whitman, director of the CTTL, to provide professional development in mind, brain, and education science to their teachers and school leaders.

Categories: Science of Adolescent Learning
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The U.S. Department of Education’s Innovative Assessment Demonstration: An Opportunity to Support States and Districts in Advancing Deeper Learning

During the call, representatives from the Learning Policy Institute and the Alliance for Excellent Education provided an overview of applicable priorities and selection criteria; described opportunities to advance deeper learning; discussed current state and districts efforts and resources; and shared and identify areas of state and district support.

Categories: Deeper Learning
DLDay 2018


Digital Learning Day 2018: How Innovative Districts Blend Teaching and Technology to Improve Student Outcomes

The webinar and the report highlights how Lindsay Unified School District in California uses blended learning to support its performance-based system of progression, in which students move through instructional content at their own pace, advancing only once they have mastered all the standards from the previous content level.

Categories: Digital Learning Day, Future Ready


Making the Grade: Debating School Performance Ratings

This webinar will present findings from Rating the Ratings, followed by a conversation on the merits and downfalls of summative ratings between ratings-proponent Michael Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, and ratings-skeptic Phillip Lovell, vice president of policy development and government relations at the Alliance for Excellent Education.

Categories: Accountability, High School Reform, Low-Performing Schools
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